Nelson's Beer Cellar

Bottle count: 698, Entry count: 379
BreweryBeer NameVintageSizeQuantity
Caribbean Chocolate CakeNV-2016?11.2oz1
7venth Sun BreweryBooty Wax2014375ml6
Alaskan Brewing CoBarleywine Ale200822oz2
Alaskan Brewing CoBarleywine Ale200922oz1
Alaskan Brewing CoSmoked Porter200622oz4
Alaskan Brewing CoSmoked Porter200722oz4
Alaskan Brewing CoSmoked Porter200822oz3
Alaskan Brewing CoSmoked Porter200922oz5
Alaskan Brewing CoSmoked Porter201322oz1
Allagash Brewing CoFour2007750ml1
Allagash Brewing CoGrand Cru batch 21NV-2009750ml1
Amager BryghusBatch OneNV-201016.9oz1
Amager BryghusHr. FrederiksenNV-2010?500ml1
Amager BryghusXiquicNV-2015?16.9oz1
Anchor Brewing CoOld Foghorn200712oz1
Anchor Brewing CoOld Foghorn200812oz2
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale199912oz1
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale200112oz1
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale200212oz2
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale200312oz3
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale200512oz20
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale200612oz6
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale200712oz6
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale200812oz12
Anchor Brewing CoOur Special Ale201012oz6
Angry Chair BrewingFrench Toast Imperial PorterNV-2016750ml1
Avery Brewing CoBeast200912oz3
Avery Brewing CoBeast - batch 10201212oz1
Avery Brewing CoBeast - batch 3200512oz3
Avery Brewing CoBeast - batch 4200612oz1
Avery Brewing CoBeast - batch 5200712oz1
Avery Brewing CoBeast - batch 6200812oz1
Avery Brewing CoBrabant (Barrel Aged #1)200912oz1
Avery Brewing CoCollaboration Not Litigation - b1200722oz1
Avery Brewing CoCollaboration Not Litigation - b2200822oz1
Avery Brewing CoCollaboration Not Litigation - b3200922oz1
Avery Brewing CoCzar200322oz2
Avery Brewing CoCzar200622oz1
Avery Brewing CoCzar200722oz1
Avery Brewing CoCzar200822oz1
Avery Brewing CoCzar200922oz1
Avery Brewing CoCzar - batch 10201122oz1
Avery Brewing CoHog HeavenNV-2007?22oz1
Avery Brewing CoHog HeavenNV-200822oz1
Avery Brewing CoIII Dolia201512oz3
Avery Brewing CoKaiser200622oz1
Avery Brewing CoKaiser200722oz1
Avery Brewing CoKaiser200922oz1
Avery Brewing CoMargarete (Barrel Aged #6)201112oz2
Avery Brewing CoMephistopheles - batch 2200612oz1
Avery Brewing CoMephistopheles - batch 3200712oz1
Avery Brewing CoMephistopheles - batch 4200812oz1
Avery Brewing CoMuscat d'Amour (Barrel Aged #10)201212oz1
Avery Brewing CoOdio Equum (Barrel Aged #13)201212oz2
Avery Brewing CoOld Jubilation200612oz2
Avery Brewing CoOud Floris (Barrel Aged #12)201212oz2
Avery Brewing CoPump[KY]n201412oz3
Avery Brewing CoRumpkin201412oz11
Avery Brewing CoRumpkin - batch 2201212oz3
Avery Brewing CoSamael - batch 1200512oz2
Avery Brewing CoSamael - batch 2200612oz1
Avery Brewing CoSamael - batch 3200712oz1
Avery Brewing CoSamael - batch 4200812oz2
Avery Brewing CoSamael - batch 5200912oz2
Avery Brewing CoSui Generis (Barrel Aged #2)200912oz2
Avery Brewing CoTwenty Two201522oz1
Avery Brewing CoUncle Jacobs Stout201512oz2
Ballast Point Brewing CoSea Monster Imperial StoutNV-201122oz1
Ballast Point Brewing CoVictory At Sea Imperial PorterNV-2010?22oz1
Barley Mow BrewingFireside Barleywine - pilotNV-201122oz1
Barley Mow BrewingThe Fireside (pilot batch)201122oz1
Beer By DesignImperial StoutNV-201522oz2
Bells BreweryBatch 8000NV-200712oz1
Bells BreweryThird Coast Old Ale200312oz1
Bison Brewing CoOrganic Barleywine Ale200522oz2
Blue Point BrewingOld Howling Bastard200922oz2
Boston Beer CoAmerican Kriek2009750ml2
Boston Beer CoInfinium2010750ml1
Boston Beer CoLongshot Mile High Barley Wine Ale201012oz2
Boston Beer CoLongshot Old Ben Ale201012oz1
Boston Beer CoNew World Tripel2009750ml2
Boston Beer CoStoney Brook Red2009750ml1
Boston Beer CoTriple Bock19958.3oz2
Boston Beer CoUtopias200724oz1
Boston Beer CoUtopias200924oz1
Boston Beer CoUtopias201324oz1
Boulder Beer CoKiller Penguin200722oz1
Boulder Beer CoKiller Penguin200822oz1
Boulder Beer CoKiller Penguin201022oz1
Boulder Beer CoKiller Penguin201122oz1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 10: Seeyoulator DoppelbockNV-2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 11: Harvest Dance Wheat Wine2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 15: Nommo Dubbel2011750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 1: Sixth Glass QuadNV-2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 2: Double Wide IPANV-2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 3: Long Strange TripelNV-2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 4: SaisonNV-2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 5: Saison-Brett2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 7: Imperial Stout2011750ml2
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 8: Two Jokers2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack 9: Tank 7 Farmhouse AleNV-2010750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack Collaboration #1: Imperial Pilsner2009750ml1
Boulevard Brewing CoSmokestack Collaboration #2: White IPA2011750ml1
Brewdog LtdRip Tide Twisted Merciless StoutNV-200922oz1
Broadway Brewing Co (joint venture Flying Dog/WyncRoundhouse Barleywine199912oz2
Brooklyn Brewing CoBlack Chocolate Stout200812oz2
Brooklyn Brewing CoBlack Chocolate Stout200912oz4
Brooklyn Brewing CoBlack Chocolate Stout - CVSC200912oz4
Brooklyn Brewing CoBlack Chocolate Stout - CVSC201012oz4
Brooklyn Brewing CoBlack Ops (10.6%,940 cases/10.7%,1000 cases)NV-2008750ml2
Brooklyn Brewing CoBlack Ops (11.3%,1000 cases)NV-2010750ml3
Brooklyn Brewing CoBlack Ops (11.6%,1000 cases)NV-2009750ml4
Brooklyn Brewing CoMonster Ale200712oz5
Brooklyn Brewing CoMonster Ale200912oz3
Bruery (The)2 Turtle Doves2009750ml1
Bruery (The)3 French Hens2010750ml3
Bruery (The)4 Calling Birds2011750ml1
Bruery (The)5 Golden Rings2012750ml1
Bruery (The)7 Swans A Swimming2014750ml1
Bruery (The)9 Ladies Dancing2016750ml1
Bruery (The)Coton2010750ml1
Bruery (The)ISO:FTNV-2010750ml1
Bruery (The)Marron AcidifieNV-2011750ml1
Bruery (The)Melange #102015750ml1
Bruery (The)Papier2009750ml1
Bruton Birrificio10NV-2011750ml1
Cascade Brewing/Racoon Lodge and BrewpubThe Vine2015750ml1
Cigar City Brewery110K+OTNV-2009750ml1
Cigar City Brewery110K+OT - batch 32010750ml1
Cigar City Brewery110K+OT - batch 42011750ml1
Cigar City BreweryBolita Double Nut Brown201522oz1
Cigar City BreweryCaffe Americano Double Stout201522oz1
Cigar City BreweryCapricho Oscuro - batch 4NV-201012oz2
Cigar City BreweryCow Boss Imperial Milk Stout201522oz1
Cigar City BreweryEitherNV-2010?12oz1
Cigar City BreweryFergus Mor CampeadorNV-2009750ml2
Cigar City BreweryHunahpu Imperial Stout2011750ml15
Cigar City BreweryHunahpu Imperial Stout2012750ml4
Cigar City BreweryHunahpu Imperial StoutNV-2010750ml3
Cigar City BreweryHunahpus Imperial Stout2016750ml1
Cigar City BreweryJose Marti India Style Porter201422oz1
Cigar City BreweryMarshal Zhukov Imperial Stout201522oz2
Cigar City BreweryMarshal Zhukovs Imperial Stout2012750ml1
Cigar City BreweryMarshal Zhukovs Imperial StoutNV-2009750ml1
Cigar City BreweryOrNV-2010?12oz1
Clipper City BrewingBelow Decks201022oz2
Coastal Empire BeerMarch To The Sea Amer B/W201522oz1
Copper Kettle Brewing CoAurora Strong Ale201622oz1
Costa Rica MeaderyPassiflora Passion Fruit MeadNV-2015?400ml1
De Struise BrouwersBlack Albert200711.2oz1
Deschutes BreweryAbyss200922oz1
Deschutes BreweryJubel201022oz1
Deschutes BreweryMirror Mirror200922oz2
Dieu du Ciel MicrobrasserieSolstice DHiver BarleywineNV-200911.5oz1
Dieu du Ciel MicrobrasserieSolstice DHiver BarleywineNV-201111.5oz1
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery120 Minute IPA200812oz1
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery20 Higher Math201512oz2
Dogfish Head Craft BreweryWorld Wide Stout200712oz2
Dogfish Head Craft BreweryWorld Wide Stout200812oz1
Dogfish Head Craft BreweryWorld Wide Stout200912oz1
Drie FonteinenIntense Red2012375ml2
Duck-Rabbit Craft BreweryRabid Duck Imperial StoutNV-200912oz1
Dunedin BreweryBarkeywine200922oz1
E J Phair Brewing CoShorty's Revenge Old AleNV-2015?22oz1
Eel River Brewing CoRavens Eye Imperial Stout NV-201122oz1
Eggenberg BrewerySamichlaus200411.2oz1
Eggenberg BrewerySamichlaus200511.2oz2
Eggenberg BrewerySamichlaus200611.2oz1
Eggenberg BrewerySamichlaus200711.2oz1
Eggenberg BrewerySamichlaus200811.2oz1
Eggenberg BrewerySamichlaus200911.2oz1
Eggenberg BrewerySamichlaus201011.2oz1
Elysian Brewing CoThe Dread Oak Imp Stout201522oz1
Emelisse Grand-Cafe BierbrouwerijBarley WineNV-201111.2oz1
Epic Brewing (UT/CO)Big Bad BaptistNV-201622oz1
Epic Brewing (UT/CO)Son Of A BaptistNV-201622oz1
Equinox BrewingWinter Warmer Barleywine201516.9oz2
Firestone Walker Brewing CoSucaba201622oz1
Firestone Walker Brewing CoVelvet Merkin201522oz1
Fish Brewing CoOld Woody200512oz1
Flying Dog BreweryHorn Dog200912oz1
Full Sail Brewing CoBlack Gold Imperial Stout201122oz1
Full Sail Brewing CoOld Boardhead Barleywine Ale200822oz1
Full Sail Brewing CoOld Boardhead Barleywine Ale200922oz1
FullersVintage Ale200616.9oz1
FullersVintage Ale200816.9oz2
George Gale and Co LtdPrize Old Ale1996275ml1
George Gale and Co LtdPrize Old Ale2005275ml3
George Gale and Co LtdPrize Old Ale - Calvados barrel2003275ml1
Goose Island Beer CoBig John201122oz1
Goose Island Beer CoBourbon County Stout200912oz3
Goose Island Beer CoBourbon County Stout200922oz1
Great Divide Brewing CoChocolate Oak Aged Yeti200922oz1
Great Divide Brewing CoOak Aged Yeti201022oz1
Great Divide Brewing CoOld Ruffian201022oz1
Green Flash Brewing CoBarleywineNV-2007?22oz1
Groennfell MeaderyChaos CyserNV-201516ozCan1
Hair of the DogAdam #75NV-200912oz1
Hair of the DogFred #74200812oz1
Hair of the DogFred #76NV-200912oz1
Havoc MeaderyPsychopomp Sour CherryNV-201516ozCan4
Havoc MeaderyRoot Of All Evil Ginger MeadNV-201516ozCan1
Hidden Legend WineryDark MeadNV-2015?750ml1
Hofstetten BrauereiBarley Wine Ale201011.2oz1
Hoppin Frog Brewing CoBarrel Aged BORIS The Crusher200922oz1
Hoppin Frog Brewing CoDORIS The Destroyer201022oz1
JW Lees Greengate BreweryHarvest Ale1999275ml2
JW Lees Greengate BreweryHarvest Ale - Calvados Cask2007275ml1
JW Lees Greengate BreweryHarvest Ale - Lagavulin Cask2007275ml1
JW Lees Greengate BreweryHarvest Ale - Port Cask2005275ml1
JW Lees Greengate BreweryHarvest Ale - Port Cask2007275ml1
JW Lees Greengate BreweryHarvest Ale - Sherry Cask2007275ml1
Lagunitas Brewing CoGnarly Wine200822oz1
Lagunitas Brewing CoGnarly Wine200922oz1
Left Hand Brewing CoImperial StoutNV-200822oz1
Left Hand Brewing CoImperial StoutNV-200922oz1
Left Hand Brewing CoImperial Stout Oak Aged200922oz1
Left Hand Brewing CoSmoke Jumper Porter200822oz5
Left Hand Brewing CoWake Up Dead Imperial Stout201122oz1
Left Hand Brewing CoWake Up Dead Imperial Stout - barrel agedNV-201022oz1
Left Hand Brewing CoWiddershins Oak Aged200922oz1
Lost Abbey10 Commandments2008750ml1
Lost Abbey10 Commandments2009750ml1
Lost Abbey10 Commandments2015750ml1
Lost AbbeyAngels Share2010375ml1
Lost AbbeyAngels Share2012375ml1
Lost AbbeyAngels Share2014375ml2
Lost AbbeyCarnevale Ale2009750ml1
Lost AbbeyGift of the Magi2008750ml1
Lost AbbeyJudgement DayNV-2010750ml1
Lost AbbeyRed Poppy2011375ml1
Lost AbbeyTrack #102015375ml1
Mad River Brewing CoJohn Barleycorn Barleywine200712oz1
Manzanita Brewing CoSerenityNV-201112oz1
Marin Brewing CoSan Quentin Breakout StoutNV-201022oz1
Mazurskie Miody MeaderyGrzaniec Biesiadny MeadNV-2015?750ml1
Midtfyns BryghusBarley WineNV-2011500ml4
MikkellerBig WorseNV-2009?375ml1
Moylan's Brewing CoImperial StoutNV-200922oz1
Moylan's Brewing CoOld Blarney BarleywineNV-200022oz1
Moylan's Brewing CoOld Blarney BarleywineNV-200822oz1
Nantahala Brewing CoTrail Magic #92014750ml1
Nectar AlesBlack XantusNV-201222oz1
New Belgium Brewing CoBlackberry BarleywineNV-201622oz1
New Belgium Brewing CoClutch Wood/Sour/Imp StoutNV-201622oz3
New Belgium Brewing CoLa Folie2008750ml2
New Belgium Brewing CoLa Folie201022oz1
New Belgium Brewing CoLa Folie201122oz1
New Belgium Brewing CoLa FolieNV-200922oz2
New Belgium Brewing CoLa Terroir201522oz1
New Belgium Brewing CoTransatlantique KriekNV-200922oz1
New Glarus Brewing CoIced BarleywineNV-200912oz1
New Holland Brewing CoDragons Milk201122oz1
New Holland Brewing CoDragons MilkNV-200922oz1
New Holland Brewing CoDragons MilkNV-201022oz1
New Holland Brewing CoPilgrims Dole WheatwineNV-201022oz1
Nogne O#100 Barley Wine Style AleNV-2009500ml1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale200412oz1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale200512oz1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale200612oz1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale200712oz1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale200812oz1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale200912oz1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale201012oz1
North Coast Brewing CoOld Stock Ale Cellar Reserve2009500ml1
Odell Brewing CoBourbon Barrel Stout2011750ml1
Odell Brewing CoBourbon Barrel StoutNV-2009750ml1
Odell Brewing CoBourbon Barrel StoutNV-2010750ml1
Odell Brewing CoIndia BarleywineNV-2010750ml1
Odell Brewing CoIndia BarleywineNV-2011750ml1
Odell Brewing CoWoodcut No. 22009750ml1
Odell Brewing CoWoodcut No. 32009750ml1
Odell Brewing CoWoodcut No. 42010750ml1
Odell Brewing CoWoodcut No. 52011750ml1
Odell Brewing CoWoodcut No. 62012750ml1
Odell Brewing CoWoodcut No. 82014750ml2
Ohanlons Brewing CoThomas Hardy20048.5oz4
Ohanlons Brewing CoThomas Hardy20058.5oz1
Ohanlons Brewing CoThomas Hardy20068.5oz2
Ohanlons Brewing CoThomas Hardy20078.5oz1
Ohanlons Brewing CoThomas Hardy20088.5oz1
Ommegang BreweryThree Philosophers2007750ml1
Ommegang BreweryThree Philosophers2009750ml1
Ommegang BreweryThree Philosophers2010750ml1
Orchid Cellar MeaderyBlacksmithNV-2015?375ml1
Orval BrasserieTrappist200611.2oz1
Orval BrasserieTrappist200811.2oz1
Oskar Blues Grill+BrewGordon201012ozC6
Oskar Blues Grill+BrewOne Hit Wonder201112ozC3
Oskar Blues Grill+BrewTen Fidy200912ozC4
Pike Brewing CoEntire Wood Aged Stout200922oz1
Pike Brewing CoOld Bawdy Barleywine201122oz1
Port Brewing CoOld ViscosityNV-200922oz1
Prael BrouwerijMaryNV-2011?330ml1
Red Branch Cider CoPeach CiderNV-2015?500ml1
Redhook Ale BreweryTreblehook Barley Wine Ale200922oz1
Redstone MeaderyCyser Reserve2004500ml1
River North BreweryJ Marie Whiskey Imp Saison201522oz1
Russian River Brewing CoConsecrationNV-2009750ml1
Russian River Brewing CoConsecration batch 004X4NV-2010375ml1
Russian River Brewing CoDamnation batch 055XZ (55)2010375ml1
Russian River Brewing CoDamnation batch 402008750ml1
Russian River Brewing CoRedemption2012-07-18375ml1
Russian River Brewing CoSalvation2012-04-18375ml1
Russian River Brewing CoSupplication batch 04X5 (4)2009375ml2
Russian River Brewing CoTemptation2012-07-27375ml1
Russian River Brewing CoTemptationNV-2009750ml1
Russian River Brewing CoTemptation batch 05X1ENV-2010375ml1
Saint SomewhereLectio Divina2008750ml2
Saint SomewhereSaison Athene2009750ml3
Schlafly - The Saint Louis BrewerySchlafly Grand CruNV-2009750ml1
Schlafly - The Saint Louis BrewerySchlafly Reserve Barleywine2008750ml1
Schlafly - The Saint Louis BrewerySchlafly Reserve Barleywine2009750ml1
Schlafly - The Saint Louis BrewerySchlafly Reserve Imperial Stout2008750ml1
Schlafly - The Saint Louis BrewerySchlafly Reserve Imperial Stout2009750ml1
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co30th Anniv Charlie+Fred+Ken2010750ml1
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co30th Anniv Fritz+Ken2010750ml1
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co30th Anniv Grand Cru2010750ml1
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co30th Anniv Jack+Ken2010750ml1
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBarrel Aged Maillard's OdysseyNV-2016750ml1
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot200212oz4
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot200412oz5
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot200512oz5
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot200612oz6
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot200712oz12
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot200812oz12
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot200912oz6
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot201012oz12
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot201112oz16
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfoot201312oz4
Smuttynose Brewing CoImperial Stout200922oz1
Smuttynose Brewing CoWheat Wine Ale200922oz1
Southern Tier Brewing CoBack Burner BarleywineNV-200922oz1
Southern Tier Brewing CoBack Burner BarleywineNV-201122oz1
Southern Tier Brewing CoCuvee Series 2NV-201022oz1
Southern Tier Brewing CoOat - Imperial Oatmeal Stout200822oz1
Stone Brewing Co04.04.04200422oz1
Stone Brewing Co05.05.05200522oz1
Stone Brewing Co06.06.06200622oz5
Stone Brewing Co07.07.07200722oz5
Stone Brewing Co08.08.08200822oz5
Stone Brewing Co09.09.09200922oz5
Stone Brewing Co10.10.10201022oz6
Stone Brewing Co11.11.11201122oz6
Stone Brewing Co12.12.12201222oz6
Stone Brewing CoImperial Russian Stout200922oz1
Stone Brewing CoOld Guardian Barleywine200322oz1
Stone Brewing CoOld Guardian Barleywine200722oz1
Stone Brewing CoOld Guardian Barleywine200922oz4
Stone Brewing CoOld Guardian Barleywine201122oz1
Stone Brewing CoOld Guardian Barleywine Belgo201122oz2
Swamp Head BreweryRipped Van Winkle201122oz1
Swamp Head BreweryUnnamed Amer Barleywine201122oz1
Tampa Bay Brewing CoBarleywineNV-201122oz4
Tampa Bay Brewing CoTwice In A Row Old AleNV-2009?22oz2
Terrapin Beer CoBig Daddy Vladys RIP:Side Project #13NV-201022oz1
Terrapin Beer CoDark Side:Side Project #9NV-200912oz1
Terrapin Beer CoIron TankardNV-201122oz1
Tommyknocker BreweryLegend2009375ml1
Traquair House2020 Ale201011.2oz1
Twisted Pine/Peak to Peak Brewing CoBough Breaker 16th AnnivNV-201122oz1
Uinta Brewing CoCrooked Cooper2015750ml1
UnibroueEdition 20042004750ml1
UnibroueEdition 20052005750ml1
Victory Brewing CoDark Intrigue2011750ml1
Westvleteren Brouwerij12NV-2015?12oz1
Weyerbacher Brewing CoBlithering IdiotNV-201012oz1
Weyerbacher Brewing CoBlithering IdiotNV-201112oz10
Weyerbacher Brewing CoOld HeathenNV-200912oz1
Weyerbacher Brewing CoTinyNV-2010750ml1
Widmer BrothersBarrel Aged Brrrbon #3201022oz1
Widmer BrothersW'11 KGB Russian Imperial Stout201112oz1
Wiley Roots Brewing CoMidnight On The Run Imp PorterNV-2015?22oz1
Wonderland BrewingAnniv Barleywine201522oz1
Wonderland BrewingImperial Stout201522oz1