Nelson's Beer Homebrew Log

This page logs my homebrews.

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Colorado brewing (1970-1972, 1982-1984) - no written records available - includes a small batch of stout (one bottle blew the cap and spattered my room at my parents house), and also 8-10 batches of fresh fruit wines (mostly from "Art of Making Wine": Anderson/Hull) including (from memory and from notes in the book): Orange, Banana, Banana/Raisin (a favorite because it was drinkable within a month), Rhubarb (my only batch that went bad), Dandelion, and Concord Grape (from a concentrate).

Kansas brewing (1991-1996 - 25 batches: 13 beer, 7 wine, 3 cider/cyser, 2 mead):

Florida/Colorado brewing: