BuildABeer is a collection of pages relating to my interests in brewing and tasting beer.     NFC Kitchen Recipes

Beer Class Handouts:
    - Doctored Beers - DMS, Diacetyl, Sour/Acidic - from Dunedin Brewers Guild meeting of 20 April 2006
    - Introduction To Hops - from Dunedin Brewers Guild meeting of 2011/08/18
    - Introduction To Mead - from Dunedin Brewers Guild meeting of 2011/07/14, 2010/07/15, and others
    - Click me if you are studying for the BJCP written test

Click on the Brewpub ratings tab to see which brewpubs I have visited, and what I thought of their beer

Try the Beer ratings tab to see my ratings of commercial beers, including brewpubs, bottles, cans, and draft.

If you're interested in what beers I've brewed at home recently, look at the Homebrew Log tab.

To do your own recipe creation, give my Brew Calculator a try. It will help you in selecting malts, hops, and yeasts to give you whatever color, bitterness, alcohol level, etc., profile that you want.

The Other Info tab has a collection of various other information, including a discussion of how I rate beer, my personal beer style guidelines, beer words and definitions, and links to other beer and homebrewing related sites.

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